Real-time SMS Alerts


zEYE system for schools provides real SMS alerts to parents to update them about the current whereabouts of their ward. This system not only helps parents stay worry by providing exact time of the pick-up and drops. All the information is provided in easy to understand formats.

Bus Attendant in the school bus is equipped with an zEYE hand held attendance device. This handheld device is an integrated SBC (Single Board Computer) with built in RFID and GPRS modules. When a student enters the bus, the Bus Attendant scans their smart ID card (RFID enabled wearable ID Badge) using the zEYE Hand Held device. The device in turn immediately updates the zEYE server using GPRS communication by notifying it of the child’s boarding. Parents immediately receive SMS stating that the child has boarded the bus. This is especially useful if the parents have to rely upon external help such as relatives or maids for reaching their child from home to the school bus and vice-a- versa.