Who Benefits


System allows parents to register their mobile and receive real-time SMS alerts of the pickup/drop details of ward on the bus. Mostly when buses are running late, parents try to reach driver on phone to get the location details and the time it will take to come to stop. Using the mobile application Parents don’t need to call bus driver, it shows the current location of bus. Further the system provides Geo-Fence feature using which parents can register for advanced location alert. They can mark a location point at which system will send an advanced SMS alert. This would allow parents to plan better while reaching the bus stop for drop and pickup of their ward. Mobile application also has detailed reports for daily bus pickup, drop, attendance etc.

Bus Administration

Bus Administrators go through very stressful hours when a specific bus is not running on time. Parents of that route start calling and they have to be answering those calls with the real-time location status of the bus. zEye provides real-time status of all the buses on the map without the need to call and check bus drivers. The system also reduces calls from parents as they already have access to the real-time location of the bus. Further system provides detailed automated reports of the start, arrival, departure of buses for all routes and reduces manual effort spent in these tasks.

School Administration

School Administration has to ensure the smooth and safe running of bus operations. They have to monitor the daily reports and keep a watch on the unusual events. zEye produces automated reports for the administration without any manual edit which ensures right information for fixing accountability between Bus Operator, Bus Administration and security staff.
zEye also improves overall perception of school brand as caring, tech save and accountable.