Automated Attendance

RFID technology facilitates automatic identification using electronic passive and active tags with suitable readers. RFID for student attendance monitoring is capable of eliminating time wasted during manual collection of attendance and creation of a student database management system that is not prone to errors or being manipulated by anyone and above all aids in better management of classroom statistics.

The use of Camera might be optionally necessary to take a snap of the person using the card. Integration of camera reduces proxy attendance attempts. This is used to cross-verify in the event of a dispute. Consequently, this attendance data can be used to create many types of reports like daily, weekly, monthly attendance details and real time feedback to parents. We hope that this system can shift the paradigm of student attendance monitoring and provide a new, accurate, and less cumbersome way of taking student attendance.

We are considering incorporation of facial recognition that would serve to further increase the biometric security of the system against impersonation by erring students.