IOT :The next big thing for Smart schools

IOT (Internet of Things) is specially relevant to smart schools and brings in tremendous value to the ecosystem . IOT connects the Physical world and the virtual world.

Schools can wirelessly captures the identity the location of student while boarding and deboarding the school bus or entering and exiting the school premises  in real-time.

Real-time updates about the student’s location allows parents and school administration to stay worry free and remain better focused on their respective works.

School reception can be empowered to provide accurate and instant responses to parent queries regarding their ward. Most importantly since the parents are getting real time updates about the location of their child they no longer need to make distress call to the school reception. This saves valuable time and brings peace of mind for everyone.

Real Time monitoring helps in creating a safe environment for schools.  Technology is made to its best use by keeping check on incidences of bullying among school children, any chances of negligence by school staff accountable for safe custody of the students and  providing the most effective deterrent against possibility of child abuse.

Zeye artificial intelligence has changed the security scenario of the schools by credibly establishing undisputed accountability in the modern school eco system.